Sunshine, Sheep and Princesses

We have been thoroughly enjoying being back to normal and having our healthy back.  The California weather has been amazing.  The girls have been getting a chance to play outside quite a bit and enjoy the sunshine.  I finally finished the girls rocking horse and Miss Hadley seems to think it is the next best thing (right after food of course)  Avery has her little friend Savannah over for a play date (which she loves having her little friends over and showing them all the toys so cute to watch how they are best friends)  Their afternoon was filled with princess dress up, pretend play, jumping, and animal visits.  So fun to be little it seems to be a very happy place!
The sheep are sure enjoying the weather also and its quite fun to see them napping out in the fields munching on green grass.  We found a new home for one of our puppies "Martha"  she was the only one we were considering still finding a new home for since "Mo" found his niche here.  Thanks to the McIssacs which will be her new home.   She is her days will be spent guarding chickens (well hopefully, otherwise she will be back here)  We are now milking 126 sheep and all the new moms seem to have no issues with the parlor and run right in.  We got all our new mineral feeders built and installed  (pics to come later) they are designed much better and hopefully will stay rain free.  So happy family, happy sheep, and sunshine quite a great day on the farm.  More projects, lambs and pictures to come!!

Morning meeting pony and cow

best friends

Mud Pies  (the pie of choice this month I guess)

barn princesses

Hads first ride on her rocking horse

Its a keeper

Our new milk barn family (like we don't have enough animals already)
All loaded up for milkng

Missy Adiego