Papa, Projects, and Laughs

So we have been spending the last few days with a special visitor, my dad in from NY.  (Grandma Stephanie wish you could have made it)  We have been spending our time together along with Auntie Brey, and our cousins Layla and Landon.  We have enjoyed our time together visiting while the kids play and giggle non stop....with a few fights and tantrums here and there, they are all under 5 so naps are still needed.  For grandpa too!  Unfortunately I have not been feeling well for this visit.  Seems like I catch the winter germs the easiest this year, so wishing I felt better.  We spent some time shopping, my dad always likes to take a trip to Nordstroms while he is out needless to say Brey and I don't argue lucky to have a dad that likes to shop!  Papa and Grandma Stephanie got Avery an antique desk for Christmas that we found at a local antique store.  She hasn't left the chair since we got it....(she insists she has homework and payroll to do)  Wonder if I am on her payroll? 
On the farm we are still lambing...yes hard to believe we have around 287 lambs.  Seems crazy...lucky for us we have wonderful workers and Joe who are dedicated bottle feeders and they are doing awesome.  Our first group of lambs got moved outside today to a graduate pen where they got to run and play.  So fun to watch them run and play together for the first time...falling down, jumping in the air, bumping into each other what fun! We are now milking 197 sheep.  They are all milking great and even the first time ewes are running in the parlor.  Things on the farm are still super busy.  We are excited to be selling milk to a new cheesemaker Soyoung Scanlon of Andante Dairy in Petaluma who is now selling sheeps milk cheese with our milk.  We are looking forward to another new working relationship and more sheep products with our milk. So exciting things are happening on the farm.  More projects, lambs, sheep milk and farm smiles to come!  Oh and in addition we have decided to keep our first black lamb (pictured below) as a pet..just what we need but Avery decided she is ready for responsibility (along with the ponies) More to come on that!

Avery strolling Landon

Papa and Landon

The desk

our newest addition 

all ready to bring him to the house...not yet  but worth a try

first time fun muddy knees = lamb fun
Missy Adiego