Paint, Parlor and Lambs!!

So this past weekend Joe and I spent the weekend together (most of it anyway) enjoying some family time and house projects.  We spent some major quality time jumping on the trampoline and playing kitchen and grocery store with the girls!!  Sometimes those family weekends are needed and playtime is always fun.  I even managed to get Joe to do a little project for me (always a plus) I know you are all thinking window trim?  NO...but I am still hopeful.  I have a little obsession called Pinterest (for those of you on there probably have the same problem) Totally Normal by the way!! Joe tells me all the time you seriously need to stop looking on there you are pin crazy...ahh...come on... he just knows how many honey do projects I am coming up with.  Anyways I wanted a giant wall letter for the house out of rustic wood.  So bam....Joe made it, and it only took an hour all without complaining (huge step in our relationship) Love having a handy and handsome husband!!  Well the wall letter went up...just to come down again.  I could no longer bare the cream//yellowish walls.  So I did a little paint mixing again with some leftover paint and spent the day painting away.  With a little help from mom,  entertainment from Avery and by bestie Kristin chatting with me for the day I tackled the kitchen and living room.  A few touch ups and re attaching my giant wall letter, and some re arranging I am done.  (love the new color also) Thanks to Grandma Jolene for watching Hadley (I knew her at home while painting was not an option)  Paint would be everywhere with good intention of course!
On the farm front we had a few slow days of lambing only a few lambs a day, well that didn't last and now we  are back to twins and triplets.  The guys have also been back in project mode with projects including a new pig pen area (not my favorite project, but we have some happy piggies) A door put on the vacuum room in the milking parlor.  New alley way for the cows (yes there are cows here...not ours..those of you know not a huge cow fan) although the mini cows could be a pet option, and just a  few around are growing on me...that or the country life is making me a bit too country?  The milk string is now around 147 and we are still really happy with the overall production.  Thanks to those awesome milk meters.  We have had quite a few visitors come see the farm and parlor lately which is always fun to show all the animals and milking parlor.  So fun to see how proud Joe is of the parlor he designed and built, and super neat that it is now being sold through GEA farm technologies and Arolo Company.  So busy days, busy nights (lambing) and lots more to come!

Missy Adiego