More Projects!

Ok so I am starting to think I might be a little addicted to new projects, I love them.  My wheels are always spinning on what I can do or paint next.  Well this case was some more paint.  I finally finished the house paint, and have been wanting to paint the house trim green (well once the windows are that might be awhile)  I figured I would test out the kids playroom trim to make sure I liked it.  So while Joe made lunch I painted trim...all the while he told me how I have problems with always wanting to do something.  Well I could be shopping and spending instead so he decided to say it looked nice and say no more!!  Much better, can't wait to do the house it feels a little to Florida white for me for where we are at.  So that will come.  The girls decided to clean and organize their playroom, well Avery and Angelina the babysitter...while Hadley pulled out toys that were being put away, so lots less clutter and toys and more room to play! 
Around the barn we are still working on a new alley way for cows to run from one side of the property to the other...speaking of cows, the other night I wake up to a loud moo in my window at 1am (look out the window sure enough the bull was on our patio)  So up jumps Joe to realize the cows are all over our with help from our guys that work for us they herded in the cows from our yard the road all over the place.   Well come to find out a group decided to travel a ways down the road (like 5 miles) to the owners of Stormy's house.  (good thing they were nice about their yard being torn up and trees eaten) So a day later the guys and the neighbors had to herd 20 cows down the road (again good thing we have great neighbors to help)  oh and Anna from White Whale who happened to be over at a crazy time ! So fence fixed, cows in and back to milking sheep.  More to come!

Missy Adiego