Lots of Littles!

So we started off the week right with great weather sun shining, and a very fun  kids play date at our house.  I decided to to a little potluck lunch for all the moms and kids quite a busy lunch with 17 little kids running around.  We had a great lunch full of smiling, laughing kids who thoroughly enjoyed running everywhere, jumping on the trampoline, playing toys etc.  I even mastered my very first BBQ (yes my first time on the BBQ)  well the sliders were edible and the hot dogs were not burnt so all in all it went great.  Avery and Hadley had so much fun showing all the kids their toys,sheep and baby lambs.  So fun to see how close all the kids are and enjoy playing together and have become such great friends already!  Oh and the moms it was a great afternoon chatting and hanging out for some adult time ! The girls also had their annual check up at the doctors.  I was so proud of Avery for being such a good role model for Hadley. They both were very well behaved through the shots and all.
On the farm we are still full of little lambs.... the lamb barn seems to be quite full, so full in fact Joe is welding more gates on pens this weekend due to the high demand of our lambing facility, seems like they all want in!  The guys finished the cow alley way (I still have not taken a pic..will do that this weekend)  The phase 2 lambs now have new feeders (custom built for them to have creep feed and hay in one feeder)  There are over 250 lambs now so we defiantly have to stay organized around here.  I also did my very first solo farm tour (kids and all)  we get calls quite often for people to come see the farm, which Joe usually seems to accommodate.  Well this time it was short notice, a cheese maker in from Washington.  So I was quite happy with the tour and only couldn't answer one question about equipment (shocker) but again always fun to have people come see the farm and facility we always love visitors. So the rain is here so lots more lambs,projects and green grass to come!

the rain is here...why not go outside in footie pajamas and boots?

brand new baby covered from a very hungry mama

new lamb feeder outside


oh...and the rains are here which = mud

Missy Adiego