Little Ladies and Lambs

Well seems like since last year when I started this blog and named it little ladies and lambs it didn't have the meaning it has today.  The girls decided to keep our first black lamb of the season.  They named him Oreo which he does look like a cookie.  They swear they will take full responsibility.  For now he is still down with all his friends being bottle fed by the guys. He will be coming up to the house area I think once we have appropriate housing.  What I mean by appropriate is a cute little sheep house painted like our house with Oreos name on his little dutch door.  (get my vision) Again those pictures that pop up in my head create oh so many problems with Joe.  I had to show him a dutch door for animals (via pinterest) again fueling my design obsession. We can not have a leaning plywood shed lingering in our yard.  (although I am sure that was my dear hubbys vision)   So for now the girls have been making many daily visits down to the barn to catch, pet and hug Oreo.  Next week they are going to try bottle feeding once a day.  Joe and I also were in charge of the preschool crab feed signs.  We were supposed to re do the old signs and paint them new.  Well.....sounds easy right well my creative hand was not working up to my expectations and Joe well he tried about 20 minutes then said forget this get them done.  I reply "Joe its about doing a project for the kids school you don't just get it done"  So off to the craft store I went to purchase new stencils, paint brushes and some extras little things.  Armed with crafts I decided to give it a whirl the next day.  Well and hour into it still looked awful, not was I was picturing. So long story short...Joe was right, I went and got it done.  It took half a day for them to print our vinyl stickers.  Thanks to Hines signs for rushing my order and the Pre K deal!!! Joe and Avery put the stickers on the sign and WOW they are done and look amazing.  Much better I might add....I won't cringe every time I drive by one.  On the plus side Joe and I won't have to do those signs again in a year and a half when Hadley goes to preschool!  So lots of crafts, smiles, a new cute little Oreo and some super cute crab feed signs!  More to come!!

Missy Adiego