Life and Love!!

So lately it seems that all the little things have been making me smile.  I figured with the new year I needed to slow down a bit and truly enjoy life.  Well.... (I am a pretty lucky lady)  it seems when I did that I have been much happier and smiling and laughing a lot more!!  The girls have been a true joy to be around and watch become best friends, don't get me wrong there are still moments and some days more than others where the screaming and arguing starts when those little feet hit the floor.  Amazing how oatmeal or eggs for breakfast is a power struggle between two toddlers.  With all that aside I realize that they two are truly lucky little girls to live the life they live and be surrounded with so so many people that love them!  Joe and I had them in bed the other night (queen sized) so we were in a family mush pot as Avery would say and we both just looked at each other in aww on how big they get so fast, this past year really did fly by.  So today was a great day filled with girly giggles, mom chatting, kids jumping, cuzzy/grandma beach time, some sand in our toes and lots of LOVE.  So a simply happy day was had!  More simple days, giggles, and of course sheep stuff to come!!

Missy Adiego