Hello 2012

So on to a new year, which means new things.  I am not quite sure if I can attempt to accomplish project wise what we did in 2011 (due to a exhaustion and a bit of lazy)  but I sure do already have a 2012 list going.  I have quite a few house projects that are on my list.  I think this year I need to get a bit craftier and rely less on Joe (my life would be much easier if I could just do things myself...hence my windows, they would be trimmed out already) I already started with my kitchen window.  The window has been bare and I wasn't sure what to do with it.  Well thanks to my obsession with Pinterest and all those awesome ideas, with a little help from mom I decided on burlap curtains and a wreath, and a hour later project complete and I love it.  I am still itching to paint the living room and kitchen (I should have re painted a year ago that yellowish cream is driving me nuts) so that is my next project along with my living room (still not where I want it)  As Joe say "good thing our house is small, cause you have issues"  Well don't we all so yes I think he is lucky our house is small !!   I also have been working on a old rocking horse I found at an antique store I loaded it up dust dirt and all so I am hoping to bring it back to life for the girls rooms, the project is a bit bigger than I thought so I am only at the primer stage right now. So more to come on that!! On the farm front we are still in full lambing swing.  We now have over 200+ lambs and now milking 120 sheep.  Our production has been great so far and we are really happy with all our ewes.  We are still waiting for 200 more sheep to lamb an then another cycle of them in spring.  Joe and I are really happy that the timing has worked out as planned (imagine 200 plus lambs in a few days) crazy.  We just rotated all the sheep and they seem to be enjoying all their new pasture grass.  Although the poor guys have to take puppies across the street since they are in process of learning how to stay put with the sheep and guard (puppies seem to think that really isn't the best option, so they make their way back across the street to the barns at least 3 times a day) and three times a day they get loaded up and brought back over to the sheep.  So some are learning faster than others and the learning continues!! So more projects, a longer honey do list , and many more lambs to come!

only in our house do we have a cat in a bed and lamb in a box by the fire

the girls sure enjoyed the new lamb in the house

my find
all finished

one of my favorite little girls

Missy Adiego