Girls Dinner to Farm Day!

So this weekend I finally got a chance to go out with my best friends for a girls dinner.  Seems harder and harder these days to get everyone together for dinner and coordinate schedules.   So we enjoyed a yummy dinner  @ Jacksons in Santa Rosa and  chatting the night away (well sort of I was home by 10) another sign of the mom years you turn into a pumpkin @ midnight.  So thanks girls for a great night and the chat session.  Love you all !!  The girls had a slumber party @ grandma jolenes (which is always fun and a party...they are super lucky little kiddos)  I have been needing to work more on the farm so I had a chance to catch up today while they played at grandmas, oh and grocery shop minus the girls (amazing how quick and simple it is when you don't have two kids fighting over the drive cart).
On the farm as I said I have been seemingly busy out there daily.  The busier we get on the farm the busier I get, so I spend my free time out there working.  (that seems to be my date time with Joe)   good thing he works a normal job after today I realized that working with him every day would drive me to drink (lots). The rain has left the ranch full of mud puddles.  We had so much rain so fast we decided to move all the sheep in so they had adequate shelter.  The rain also seemed to bring lambs all weekend long (every time I looked in the pregnant ewe barn today someone was lambing)  We finally had our first black lamb yesterday my personal favorite..  This weekend was lamb weekend (record keeping, tail docking, vaccinations etc). The lamb pens that were not in use got the new gates welded on today so we are all set with new pens.  So super busy weekend full of lambs, projects and little girls hupping up the sheep.  More to come!

Kathryn, Kristin, and Hahna
a little concerned the sheep didn't go the right way
our first black lamb
Our select rams

lamb time

all ready to take a nap after all the wet rain

Telling Zoey she needs to come up to the house for dinner!!

major sheep herding
working with daddy...or working for daddy
hupping up the sheep
Missy Adiego