A updated DREAM farm!!

So I felt this place was blog worthy...super blog worthy.  If you read and follow this blog you know Joe and I have quite different versions of what a farm should be.  If not, note this post  /littleladiesandlambs/2011/01/dream-meet-reality.html.  Ever since Joe and I went to visit Old Chatham in upstate NY which is an amazing farm and creamery that had been by far, at the top of my list. Just a beautiful farm. Well for some reason I came across Blackberry Farm in  Walland,Tennessee online.  A luxury property and sheep dairy. Well the website explains it all. http://www.blackberryfarm.com.  I have to admit Joe laughed as I made him sit page by page through their website pointing out all the amazing details, while I so lady like drooled over this amazing property ( yes they even have BF embroidered on their pillowcases) not to mention Golf carts at check in, and amazing on farm restaurant.  Well this is also a state of the art sheep dairy that milk East Friesian ewes as well as make their own sheep products.  So a girl can dream....dream for at least a vacation to this place.  I had to tell Joe "well my dream vs reality isn't that far off, there are farms like the dream farm in my head"  and my point still the same the farm should look beautiful whether you are milking 50 or 500 just some more work, lots more work :) So more beautiful farms and stories to come!!

Missy Adiego