Tis the Season!

Well after a long week home full of projects and re programming my kids seems that Avery has finally passed her want to be an only child phase!  The girls have been getting along great (hugs and kisses, minus the screams) they must know Santa is around the corner!  Are days have been full of a cookie cuzzy baking day with Grandma Lori (who did most the work), the girls and Joe had another cookie cutout day with Daddy (who also did most the work) but the girls did have a blast decorating the cookies!  Avery even convinced Joe she need a handmade ornament of Cinderella and the Prince. So of course he cut them out by hand, I have to admit not bad and the girls are super excited and painted them today.  They are always up for a project!  Since the weather has been nice the girls and I head down to the barn 3 to 4 times a day.  Yes, I am still minus a golf cart.  I told Joe the other day, this is getting ridiculous, if it was something he wanted bam he would have it.  I told him at this point a riding lawn mower would work (i am DEAD serious by the way)  beggers can't be choosers I would take anything not to haul both kids back and fourth numerous times daily.  Thank gosh for the girls arctic cat (which is also on its way out...due the the wheel conditon and Averys weight) today the girls were out back checking sheep and halfway in from the field Avery stops and says "Mom you really need to tell Joey we need a new one of these, my wheels are super broke, and I am just to big for this thing" you have to love the brutal honestly of a 4 year old, and lets face it at this point I am ready to hop in that thing and hitch a ride!! So lots more laughs and farm stories to come!!

Missy Adiego