Things that make me chuckle

So I was telling Joe the other night, I don't have much to blog about.  I mean " our projects have slowed down, we are getting along, the girls have been great"  How boring right?  Well an hour later I hear some movement in the kitchen and look over and see Joe trying to sneak a bowl of Fruit Loops.  Yes the king cook, master of scratch, guido italiano....sneaking fruit loops.  Joe of all people, I get nightly lectures for eating cereal.  I had to catch him red handed and laughed (fruit loops no less not even a healthy cereal) The girls have been good although Avery (yes the first born usually perfect child)  has seemed to have a 2 year old newborn syndrome.  You ask what is that? Well she seems to be acting  like we walked in our door with a newborn baby that isn't leaving. Well that baby is Hadley (almost 2). Our last few days have been filled with mini meltdowns, timeouts, not wanting to share, hiding babies (yes she even resorted to hiding her sisters baby) So lets just hope its a phase, because our 2 year old newborn baby is here to stay so we have to work it out!!  I took the day with Avery (for my office day) while Hadley enjoyed her beach day in Bodega with grandma.  Seems that having a sister isn't always fun, we couldn't leave Hadley fast enough for mommy time.  Well we had a great day, and it helped a bit, so progress was made.  Joe attempted to make his first sheeps milk cheese for fun.  He started at night (after coming to realization that it is a process...hours and hours of steps)  So long story short I went to bed he worked on his cheese till 2am.  The cheese that's a process in itself.  Lets just say it was a starter cheese (another good chuckle seeing that he was so proud while I chewed an itty bitty piece just to show I am a supportive wife)  We also have been having little marital arguments over "Zoey" our female great pyrenees.  I love her to pieces and give her daily pets, treats , and she comes to the house nightly for some snacks then back with the sheep.  I get lectured nightly she needs to stay at the barn with sheep.  Well after snacks she does.  So I keep begging for a golf cart...literally begging.  The other night Joe asked why do you need a golf cart so bad (he obviously doesn't schlep down to the barn with two heavy toddlers often)  I reply for myself, the girls and Zoey.  Ten minutes later he replies Zoey?  Yes I laugh, the funny thing is he thinks I am joking, for all of you who know me, know darn well while Joe is at work during the day The girls, Zoey and I will be riding around in that golf cart and loving every minute of it!! So more cereal for dinner and daily chuckles to come!! 

Mommy and Avery day!

Avery my little office helper
brought in the girls table from the playroom...gets a ton of use!
some more room changes

Zoey...yes she does work

Missy Adiego