Hadleys Birthday Party!

So with endless house of crafting and lots and lots of planning.  A huge thanks to the parents @ snowbunny yogurt for letting us have our 2nd birthday party there, and all those who came to the party to celebrate Hadley turning 2! Although Hadleys actual birthday is December 27th, we opted for an earlier birthday a bit ahead of Christmas. Well the party was a huge success.  Thanks to all my party helpers for setup the day before and the help getting things organized.  The party day was great and Hadley enjoyed herself most of all.  Santa was a huge hit (even though my kids didn't attempt his lap) Avery, well she kept her distance....the whole length of Snowbunny.  Hadley got to eat her share of donuts, and see all her little friends.  So glad it is over, and the crafting is behind me.  I have to say Joe was pretty impressed with the party (so not low key like he thought, although he is the one who told me that Hadley gets jipped and we always go all out for Avery....so its his own fault, lesson learned I am sure) So back to our normal routine and some resting from all our hard party work !! More projects and parties to come!

Santas corner and his Reserved For Santa Seat

so excited for the guest to arrive!

Reindeer Grain (literally grain goodie bag) which read:
Sprinkle this outside on Christmas Eve night
The light of the moon will make it sparkle bright
As Santa's reindeer fly and Roam
This will guide them to your home

lucky her sister shares..someone loved Hadleys dress up box

Breaking in all the new toys
Missy Adiego