Goodbye 2011

Well its hard to believe 2011 is almost over!  Lets just say it has been quite the year from starting a sheep dairy, gutting and renovating a whole farm and house, two fun crazy toddlers (oh and one stubborn husband)   I am kind of bummed our whole family has spent the past two weeks sick.  Seems like we are almost back to normal and healthy.  I was about to put yellow caution tape around the house seeing that we were sick so so long.  I am very over being cooped up in the house.  Lucky for Joe I found lots of new house projects to start of 2012 with.  He is oh so excited about that.  On the farm front, we have not slowed down with lambing.  The lamb nursery is quite full and the lamb barn is filled daily with new ewes that have lambed.  Our new barn work station is working quite nice ( although it seems impossible to keep clean and organized)  I guess I will pick my battles it is after all a work space.  Our lambs are still doing great this year and all our new processes are working just like we hoped.  We are wrapping up with a happy, healthy 2011. This past year has been a great first year in the sheep dairy business.  We have learned a ton and look forward to learning more and what 2012 has in store for both family and business.  More stories, projects, lambs and 2012 to come!!  Let all hope for my sake 2012 will bring a trimmed bathroom window since that was just to tough of a project for the hubby in 2011 :)

Good morning birthday girl the big "2"

yes still in pajamas even @ dinner, thanks to the sick bug
new pastures for the sheep

anxious babies waiting for their milk

full tummies best time for a nap

yes...I picture a bit less clutter

another new pasture for a group of sheep

well that is not me driving, Joe teaching Avery how to drive the golf cart

I should probably move and not snap pictures

Mo learned how to stay with the sheep he is now a keeper

Mo being a good puppy and doing his job

Missy Adiego