Falls, Tears, Laughs = My Life

So back to blogging, I have to get back on the regular schedule again.  It always seems so hard to sum up a week in a little paragraph.  So this past week on the home front has been a truly rough week.  Starting off with myself going out to feed the ponies in the dark while Joe and the girls turned on Christmas lights.  Well in all the excitement of seeing the lights for the first time, I of course was rushing.  The tack room does not have lights and usually I am pretty good with knowing my surroundings.  Well, that night not so much. I happened to go throw a flake of hay over the fence, and in the midst of that caught a hay bale in front of me with my knees sending me face first (yes literally my forehead, face first) into a 4x4 post.  I saw stars, blacked out the whole bit.  It took me a minute to get a grasp where I was, lucky for me after a few minutes I was able to yell for help and Joe was still outside.  (I have to say he is pretty quick on his feet)  So ice packs a super sore face and arm, all in all everything was OK. I just ended up with a hairline fracture in my forehead.  The doctor tells me on the phone "we can send you for a ct scan but all they will do is cast your face if it is worse"  seriously is this what my life is coming too.  All part of the mom years, an unwashed car, sweatpants, now a face cast?  SO...I opted out of that and am doing just fine.   On another note on the family front we just learned that my moms cancer is back.  We don't have details yet about where or severity of it.  She was diagnosed with breast and stage 3 ovarian cancer three years ago.  After aggressive treatment and surgeries she has been in remission up in till this past week.  She will to have surgery and treatment again. So needless to say lots of tears this week, and lots of laughs with mom.  Each day I am truly blessed to be so close and have such a great relationship with such a lovely, funny, sassy lady.  Sassy meaning she is still my MOM and still keeps me on my toes..her mom years are still in full swing I guess they never end.  So long road ahead, and hoping for positive results. Feeling so lucky to have such a great close family, it truly is my world.  We are in full holiday swing around the house and we now have two elves.  Eddy the Elf,and Olly the Elf.  Oh boy the girls love seeing where they land every morning after their trip to the north pole. I think they should stay year round for this great behavior we have had.
At the farm holiday season means full swing lambing.  We are still having baby lambs nightly and daily.  We are filling the lambing barn and the nursery now has lambs in the pens (52 total lambs as of tonight).  The nursery lamb area is still getting worked on and should be finished soon.  This area is in the lamb barn/nursery where the animals can be weighed when born, vaccinated, tagged, and marked. There is also going to be a formula station for the lambs that we can store formula and mix fresh daily with the new sink and then have a bottle washing station as well.  Bottle feeding lambs is quite a bit of work (lots of time, and washing)  Joe better be thanking is stars he is not getting an automatic feeder for Christmas.  I did think about it :) So back to milking and the parlor is filling up fast, not much down time for us!! More lambs, milk, and Hadleys 2nd birthday party to come!!

Missy Adiego