So Christmas this year came with lots of anticipation and excitement.  Avery was beside herself waiting for Santa to arrive  Joe and I loved having our Eddy and Ollie our elves on the shelf.  They defiantly helped out in the behavior department, and that Santa was always watching.  Avery even got a video message from Santa and the Portable north pole (thanks Danielle for the awesome link) so fun!  Well all that excitement caught up to the whole family a few days before Christmas.  Hadley came down with the flu, then Joe, then myself.  All the while Joe and I also caught a cold, and Avery....well she missed the flu got the cold and broke out in hives.  Yes hives.  We are still trying to figure out if she had a reaction to something or just plain Santa excitement.  Seems that after Santa arrived she got a bit better.  So needless to say Christmas was low key, the whole family attempted Christmas eve at the beach house, but Joe and Hadley had to end up going home not feeling well.  Avery seemed to have the present dept handled and opened each and every one Joe and Hadleys!!  We had a great Christmas morning spent watching the girls open Santa gifts and playing with their toys, thank goodness Santa Joe felt decent enough to assemble Christmas eve or we would have had a problem.  Christmas was great for me seeing that my golf cart arrived cart!!  Joe was super sneaky and pulled in the barn driveway (plain sight from the house) while I happened to be in the living room (clear view)  So I couldn't hide the excitement and had to have it early.  He swears he won't drive it, although my so tough hubby that says he will just walk everywhere seems to have clocked more miles than me already.  He fully customized it for the ranch so all the kids can fit and we can put hay etc on the back. Now I just have to figure out the details (you know paint logo etc)  Can't have a non cute golf cart around here.  (Back to that oh so nice dream vs reality pic in my head)  So now everyone is somewhat on the mend, all Christmas decor is cleaned up just in time for my little Hadley to officially turn two tomorrow. So a whole new set of challenges ahead!! More stories, a birthday day and projects to come!

the start of christmas!!

miss layla testing out her doll bed

doll beds from grandma lori and papa

grandma lori, papa @ laylas beauty shop

Joe getting ready for assembly

so excited

playing grocery store
Martha and Santa even came up to visit

wood carrier for Joe also

Trying out one last present before bed

Missy Adiego