Slow Mode

So fall is here, and I swore I would slow down and do normal things.  Well seems that being a stay at home mom with two little girls there really isn't SLOW around here.  Our days have been busy with play, projects, nap and all that normal kids stuff! My day seems to start when our obnoxious roosters start crowing at 4:30am. Our roosters, well they don't seem to know that the sun isn't up yet..and yes each day I think of ways to get rid of them without Joe noticing!  We had a neighbor dog come kill one of our chickens :( but part of me does think about letting the rooster out, I know cruel but that is what lack of sleep does to you. We are now prepping for Thanksgiving right around the corner, Hadleys second birthday party, and Christmas!!  So fun to see the girls look at toy catalogs and circle things for Santa!! Avery calls it the Wish Book, seeing that is well used word around here that is the theme for Hadleys 2nd birthday!!  Projects on the farm have also slowed down a bit and we are now only milking 30 sheep.  Yes only 30...milk time is a breeze.  We are awaiting lamb time, and the crazy schedule is just around the corner.  Ewes bellies are growing daily!! Joe well he seems to have slowed down too...a little to slow seeing that my bathtub needs repair :) Lets just hope that it doesn't end up like my bathroom window trim!! In my down time I had the urge to make sheeps milk ice cream.  Sheeps milk is very sweet so I thought I would love it in a ice cream.  Yup, delicious I made my first batch of Vanilla Bean!  It went over great and got eaten quickly. The second batch was raspberry...even better!!  I know deep down Joe is thinking there is hope, well not for cooking..... no way, but baking I can handle that!  So busy happy days, cold fall nights and lots more to come.  On a sad note thinking and praying for some family members Aunt deb and Papa Palisano, and one of Averys preschool friends that they get better soon.  Sending lots of hugs and prayers their way thinking of both families!

Missy Adiego