The quiet days are over

So I would love to say I had a productive weekend, but I actually had just the opposite.  I seemed to have caught what the girls had and have been trying to feel better and rest all weekend.  I had my girlfriends over for dinner Saturday night, after a day of shopping with my best friend Kristin.  Well, I had to cut the dinner short in the appearance of my fever.  I haven't been this sick in awhile.  Well the next day Joe took on the girls in the morning, while Hadley went to Grandma Jolenes for the day and Avery went with Grandma Lori and papa Carl to the airport to pick up Mamie. So wow, I could rest all day amazing.  Well I got laughing to myself after not being able to rest quietly.  Seems that our roosters have to talk all day long (what roosters chat all day...well ours do)  on top of that we seemed to have accumulated flies in the house that love to buzz your face at nap time.  Well that is just great, if its not screaming or loud kids, its loud roosters and buzzing flies. So not so much rest at this farm house.  So in light of that I have to say I went out and bought a fly strip.  Yes a fly strip, totally tacky and disgusting but flies be gone!!  On top of that I hung it in the middle of my you get how annoyed I was!!  On top of that I was ready to get anything to take care of those roosters.  I was ready to make a sling shot, or heck I was ready to throw a darn fork at those two things!! When you don't feel well and have no patience its amazing how annoyed you get, messy your house becomes, laundry piles up and muddy boots still track in the house and you don't even care. So I have realized my quiet days are over...all part of the "mom years"
On the farm front, we had all the sheep preg checked this week and had great results.  To say the least we are going to be full of babies around here in a month or two. Cleanup continues around the farm in preparation of the DSANA tour that will be here in November. So finally feeling back to normal on I go with a busy week of projects ahead.

Missy Adiego