Family, Weddings and Dress Up

So after a little break from blogging (not that I didn't want to but there seems to be a lack in hours in my day)  I seem to have been super busy and blogging has been on the back burner.  My dad and step mom came into town for a family visit, which we always love, and to also attend my cousin Seans wedding in St Helena.  We all had a great time and Joe and I were so glad we were able to attend and catch up with family!!  Oh and little adorable...I mean adorable town St. Helena left a mark on me. I haven't been there in a couple years and seem to have forgotten how amazing and adorable it is.  I told Joe just drop me off and leave me I was in love!!  It was a great night, its always fun to play dress up (grown up dress up not princesses) and have a date night with the hubby.  It seems that with kids, projects and a dairy there is very little time for date night!!  So a great grown up night off.  On the farm front projects are in full swing the place is coming together and cleanup is still under way.  We have only two weeks left before we have  a full house of visitors for the DSANA symposia.  The girls got a kick out of showing papa ron and grandma stephanie all the sheep, puppies, chickens and work we have done.  They even spent the night helping daddy milk just to show grandma and papa!! On the family front we are still on baby watch waiting for my nephew to make his debut. Joe and I even brought an extra change of clothes to the wedding in hopes of an arrival....well still waiting patiently...I guess he has the boy attitude even before he comes out !!  So more family...hopefully a baby boy, and lots of farm cleanup to come!!

Missy Adiego