Days full of Dirty Faces

So as soon as we got home Joe rested for the night then up the next morning to tackle some new projects.  We both came home super motivated to get some new projects done.  We all spent the weekend working on clean up work around the farm (that is one of our never ending projects) Joe got the lamb pen dirt re worked just in time for the rain. We are trying to make sure all the pens for sheep have good drainage and they stay nice and neat.  All the fields got seeded just in time for a day full of rain. Work continued on the milk parlor equipment thanks to Tony while we were gone. The sheep out on the big pasture came in to their new concrete barn that is now finished.  The girls spent the weekend helping with all our projects clean up and all.  Many hours were spent on the tractor with daddy.  They even can walk all the milk sheep up to the barn on their own. So funny to watch them herd sheep! Ellie hurt her paw so has spent the weekend in a bandage and gimping around, so with help from the girls she went from gimping to the stroller, to the arctic cat.  We decided to move the pigs from out back up to our garden area for a few days to clean up the garden..and boy they did a good job (but I am over it and they can go back now)  I literally have a petting zoo by the house!! I got laughing with Joe last night, I can 't even imagine what our house would look like if I wasn't so picky.  He loves the pigs by the house....not like there is anything wrong with pigs mounting each other in the pen by the road...or having your pork so close to the kitchen.   I don't think so!!  I love the country...but that is a bit too country!!  So dirty faces, dirty feet we had a productive fun filled weekend on the farm!!  More to come!!

Doritos and Tractors how fun!!

Trying so hard to fit Ellie on the Arctic Cat

Missy Adiego