Crunch Time!!

So if you have been reading the blog you know we are in full swing clean up mode.  We have a field trip with 40 people this Friday and  the DSANA symposium visiting the farm the first week in November.  A total of 100 people will be touring the farm.  So me being me has to have everything perfect, which by the way if you saw the before pics of the farm is quite tough.  On the farm front the parlor is almost complete with the new ear tag ID and milk meters.  Let me tell you that is quite a project....I was a bit worried when I saw all those wires and electronics.  Good thing for Arolo Company.  Big thanks to all the guys, Tony and Joe for working so hard on the parlor.  The lamb nursery is all plumbed and ready for automatic waterers...we have around 200 pens so that is too many buckets to fill daily, so the guys plumbed in a waterer for each pen.  So now the new moms and babies will be spoiled.  Custom feeders, auto waterers, and heat lamps.Now if I can just convince Joe for those cute little lamb blankets!! The farm was prepped this week for all the driveways to be re rocked.  I would have to say the last rock that was put in must have been long was pretty much dirt so winters were super mucky.  I painted the old pump shed and gave it a little better look. We also had our logo put on our feed tank in the milk barn area.  Thanks to Hines signs for taking care of that, it looks awesome I am super happy with it.  So much more to do in such a short time.  So much more to do we have a super busy weekend ahead.  On the house front...well that's another story.  I thought I was finished, well that didn't happen.  I needed a practical mudroom which is finished and very practical.  Thanks to dad for hanging my shelf and kids coat rack!  The shoes....well they now have a home a shoe cabinet.  Amazing how many shoes we can fit in there. Joe seems to think a shoe dresser is a bit weird, but again his boots would just hang on my new rug if it were up to him, hence the house is not left up to him!! So no more rain boots hanging around.  The coats now all have a place.  Ahh organization a love of mine!! The living room got a change in rugs and some cozy winter blankets!!  So the projects and changes are never complete....that husband of mine always complaining about my changes !! Well that window from last year still when that gets done I might stop re modeling the house!!  So in my world that won't happen so on to the next project!! More to come!!

Missy Adiego