Projects, Pie, and a Party!!

So its been a busy weekend around the farm we have been super busy still working on farm projects.  The old feed tank that we use by the milk barn has been cleaning and ready for paint.  Yes I am even painting that....It was green but an old outdated army green with a splash of rust.  Not really my favorite. I am also still working on curb appeal and have only a few months left to do my part.  Joe and I went to lowes today and we stopped and argued in an aisle about outdoor throw pillows for the barn area.  Really....yes we do need outdoor pillows for our new barn chairs by the milk barn. (come on that shouldn't even be a questions...don't you need pants to go to work?)   Well on we went and yes I did get those throw pillows.  Next isle over another couple arguing...seemed to be a theme in lowes. The sheep have been enjoying our warm weather and we are currently still milking around 130 sheep which we are loving that they are still milking.  I also attended a friends baby shower today (Jackie Bordessa)  hosted by Danielle Caselli.  Amazing shower, great time chatting with friends and super yummy food.  The decor was amazing and every detail was in place and the house and was amazing.  I have house envy every time I leave.  I swear I would just live in her master bath if she would let me it is that amazing!! The girls spent the day with daddy picking blackberries for their homemade blackberry pie.  I came home and the house was a disaster and the kids were dirty, but boy all of them had huge smiles on their faces...must have been a great day!!  So worth the mess. Joe even looked refreshed and relaxed so nice to see.  So back to reality tomorrow, more farm projects to come!!

Wild kittens (sad story they only lasted an hour)

This is why they only lasted an upset :(

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this picture about sums up my paced and hectic :)

Parlor pic

All lined up

waiting  to be milked

full belly

can't a girl just feed a lamb around here

Joes first homemade pie

Love the banner

awesome details

yummy cupcakes

The mama to be and her hostess
Missy Adiego