Ponies !!!

So now that the ponies are together and getting along better than ever. Joe and I attempted to saddle them both up and let the girls ride together.  Well attempt is the key word here.  Hadley decided she wants nothing to do with riding Fritz with any assistance at all no lead rope no holding, well you can picture this she is 1 and that is not happening so off the pony she came and a world record fit was thrown outside the pony pen.  (lifes so awful when you are 1 right?)  So after a minute she moved on to riding her roller pony on the sidewalk and Joe was designated to playing with her.  Avery well she soaked up every minute of being able to pony hop and switch between Fritz and Kingsley.  Fritz by the way worth his weight in gold...the perfect starter pony.  Avery rode him all on her own, haulting turning, circles.  It was a big deal...he was a true sport we love him!! Then on to kingsley she went a bit of confidence (which is needed with him)  she rode him as well all on her own.  So successful day with the ponies and true to pony nature, Kingsley decided he was done and walked into the barn with Avery on his back, guess that was enough for him!!  So happy kids, lots of carrots and happy ponies!! More to come!

Missy Adiego