Feeling Crafty ....and some paving

So the title of my post is just another normal day in our family.   The last few weeks I have been getting up the Halloween decorations..I know jumping the gun.  Must be part of the mom years that I get super excited about any holiday.  So super excited about Halloween we couldn't wait to start decorating.  I had most of it done but had to find some cute ribbon for the occasion (not as easy as I thought)  So mom the girls and I decided to venture to the craft store.  On our way in Avery started drifting away from us in the parking lot (not the usual)  I couldn't seem to figure out what she was staring at and now waving to,  who was this person...well a little closer we get we are right  next to a good ole UPS man.  Not our UPS man just a UPS man off duty walking out of Target.  Who would have thought a 4 year old would love UPS so much to have a huge smile and start waving like she was in a parade.  We started laughing hysterically while the off duty man looked concerned that  Avery was so excited to see him.  All I could do is laugh and say she loves UPS, what girl doesn't like a package anyway?  So after a laugh filled day, we finally finished and our house and it  is starting to feel spooky !!  On the farm front Wednesday is my office day, the girls spend the day with grandma while I sit in the barn office and file, payroll, research, data entry etc...nothing too fun to write about. Although I am glad that office is as cute as it is otherwise I don't think I would like my Wednesdays as much.  Well today was nice and peaceful, and my day was almost complete, when in comes Joe who decides to pave around the office.  There goes my quiet.  I must admit much cleaner, it looks awesome.  Now the barn area is extra neat and tidy, the pavement looks great, so a busy weekend ahead filled with more projects, cleanup and as always those little girl giggles!!

Missy Adiego