Farm Girls, and House things!!

So sometimes (well quite a bit) I think wow we are so far in the country, which I love being in the country but when you need some milk and have to drive 10 minutes it is quite a pain.  Well this weekend was one of those weekends that made me realize that Joe and I are in the right place.  We always joke that the suburbs wouldn't take us with all our animals and kids!!  So the farm is where we are at the moment, and that moment seems to be one happy place.  We sometimes take a step back and watch the girls and boy they sure enjoy their life on the farm and all it has to offer, dirt, animals, 4 wheelers...and much much more.  Their little smiles say it all!! On the farm, projects continue..gosh one of these blogs will be project less someday!!  A girl can be hopeful right? The barn feeders are almost done and just a few need to be mounted.  The lamb nursery sure looks great!!  The puppies are growing rapidly and getting into as much trouble.  Mo decided to chew a water pipe and made himself a mister for the hot day we had a few days ago.  Joe has been super busy between milking, cleanup, and projects.  Being that he was so busy, I had the perfect idea for the girls and I.  What was that? Shopping of course.  The girls and I spent the day with my closest girlfriends with breakfast and a trip to the Homegoods store (LOVE). I ended up with a few great finds, big ones at that.  So now a week of redecorating and rearranging. Lots more to come!!

Lamb Nursery feeders

Aisle Races

Trying to feed the lamb again

Hadley loves her Mo

big kisses from for Mo


Helping and daddy clean after milking

all fun till she soaks herself

time to go home minus the wet shirt and all

yes another love...who doesn't need a super sized fork to hang up

The old retired non working clock

love at first sight!!

Missy Adiego