Dream a little Dream

So this week got me thinking how it is pretty amazing that a few years ago Joe came home with 5 goats, which turned into 100, then they were sold and now we have 600 plus sheep.  He always told me he dreamed of having a dairy, pretty amazing what has happened in a few years.  For that matter I think we are a bit crazy (600 plus sheep, moving, renovation, 2 kids, ponies, chickens, dogs....yup that sounds crazy and I could keep writing)  I was thinking this while riding Parker today, who is an amazing horse.  She was the horse that gave me quite a few of my opportunities as a professional rider. She was the one horse who always seemed to trust me.  She always seemed to be in the ribbons and I got to ride my first Grand Prix on her. (that was my little dream being a 12 year old little girl) The first time I got on her I wasn't sure if I could handle her, she is extremely athletic and super strong. That is putting it lightly ( I remembered oh so well today once I got off  her and couldn't feel my arms or legs). So today was not any different strong and athletic as ever we had an awesome ride and she truly holds a special spot in my heart. So with that being said Dreams...amazing how you can have a little dream and at that moment its just a little dream. Now Haverton Hill is established and on its way, I am back riding and teaching with more goals than ever.  So in life all we ever need is a little dream!!

Missy Adiego