Big Girl Stuff

So the past week Joe and I have been fighting with Hadley...who recently learned to get in and out of her crib, well jump out of her crib. (very unsafe)  So seeing that I am a design freak and totally unprepared for this moment ( I thought I would at least have until she turned 2) to do their room makeover, we converted her crib to a toddler bed. So that worked decent but let me tell you it was one long night, short of chains and shackles Joe and I both up and down all night putting her back in her bed. So finally she gave in and fell asleep in the bed.  Well the next morning same thing she seemed to really dislike her new big girl bed, like I said I was tempted to put her crib back together and put a net over the top of it (yes picture that...and yes they do actually make those)  so sense that didn't fit into my design and I was pretty unsure that would even work.  I searched craigslist and found a little toddler bed that would work just fine.  So I made it as exciting as I could Hadley and I drove to Marin to pick it up and I spent the afternoon painting it a cute yellow (so glad PB kids have such adorable paint colors)  so for the total cost of 20 dollars we are in business.  Oh and did I mention she loves it, I guess she just wants to be a big girl with big girl stuff not some convertible crib thing :)  Joe and I got laughing as we were converting the crib.  I never would have done that with Avery  she got a new bed, new bedding etc.  So  Hadley got the refurbished bed and old duvet until we decide how we are going to re work the room.  That's why I don't want anymore kids the poor third kid would be on an air mattress on the floor or something !! So for now its perfect and cozy...and both girls love the room, so job well done I guess.  More projects, parties and painting to come !!

bed before from craigslist

first coat of paint

Bedroom after

Missy Adiego