Back in the saddle

So Joe and I had a fun filled busy weekend as usual.  We have been working away at farm projects and things are still shaping up down at the barn area.  I swear it is never ending though.  If only I didn't have that little dream picture in my head life would be oh so much easier. I decided to start riding and teaching lessons again.  I taught my first lessons since the "mom years started".  I feel like a new person, I realized a huge part of my life was missing a part that was much to important to not be there.  I also have an awesome opportunity (thanks to the Stroupe family) to get back in the saddle.  I started today, after I rode I had to chuckle to myself wow...I am truly out of shape. I was sore after riding only one horse. To put it lightly I couldn't go compete in the open jumpers at the moment, huge difference from a few years ago. So back in the saddle isn't as simple as I thought.  Time to work hard and get back in shape.  Thanks to family and my hubby for helping out so I can ride again, it means the world to me.  So more projects, riding and hopefully a soon to be back in shape housewife.  More to come!!

Our new lambs are growing
Our handsome Mo

starting to feel like fall around the farm

shearing barn almost done

amazing how much they miss each other after 5 minutes

Missy Adiego