Sheep, Summer, Swim....and Potty!!

So things have been super busy on the farm and lots of projects continue.  The sheep finally got to go on pasture across the street after all the hay was cut, baled and moved.  The ones on that pasture seem to be liking the new area and Zoey and Zeus are on full guard. So neat to see them watch over the sheep, that is until Hadley runs over and jumps on them for hugs!! We are now rotating the sheep around the property (pasture rotation) which seems to be working well. Our list of projects keep growing in preparation for November (more on that later). Its amazing how fast the summer has gone by and Avery starts preschool back up next week.  (sad but oh so happy to have a normal routine back) We started fall swim lessons with Avery who is LOVING them so fun to watch her learn to swim (well her version of swim, more like bouncing in the water, going under, arm circles, know all that 3 year old stuff)  Hadley well I have decided to start potty training her. Yes ( I think I am a bit crazy) She has been super eager (this is the nice part of an older sibling) we are now on day four and only a few minor accidents.  I am super proud of her, hard to believe she is only one. I really wish time could freeze and the girls would just stay this little. Hard to believe Avery will be 4 tomorrow.  Although a new sense of confidence and a little bit of sass has been found in her.  We have had to attitude adjust a bit around this along with the husband!!   Joe well he is stressed and super busy as usual, he is not to fond of the girls growing up.  We argued at Averys birthday party about her skirt, which he thought is was inappropriate. (it was a gap kids jean skirt to her knees) ....(not a sequin mini for goodness sake)  I swear if they made toddler maxi dresses he would want the girls in those.  Boy does he have it coming as they get older ;) So more sheep projects, potty training and girly giggles to come!!

ahh...the life of kids
I guess the bird thinks the playhouse birdhouse is for real play??

The new tire swing hung

Missy Adiego