Shearing Sheep....and lots of wool

So the last two days the farm has been super busy and the sheep are all finally all sheared.  We had 3 guys shearing and 717 sheep later they are all looking quite slimmer and we....well we have lots of wool.  Lots of it all packed up and ready to be sold.  The shearing barn worked wonderful and the operation ran smooth.  The sheep are now all sorted, sheared and in new pastures.  The girls and I enjoyed taking our walks down to the barn to see the progress. They really enjoyed seeing Joe during the day.  Me...well I think if this was a normal might be a bit to much husband time :)  I am only used to dirty boots coming in the house at dinner not  more than once a day.  The girls have been enjoying the sunshine (fog has been our best friend lately) The playhouse and trampoline are in full swing and getting their daily use!  So fresh sheared sheep, sunshine and more projects to come!!

Missy Adiego