New Babies

So today was a busy day full of new additions.  We got our latest additions (yet to be named although santa claus seems to be a front runner according to Avery) 5 Great Pyrenees puppies.  We have Zoey and Zeus that are now almost a year old and still working great with the sheep but now that sheep are being grazed on all 300 acres and we are up to 700 sheep they are going to need a bit of help. So the help has arrived and now we just need to socialize them a bit (thats what Joe says...a bit  means we see them every few hours in my book)  We also had our first lambs since lambing finished.  We had a set of twins, happy healthy and nursing well.  Just when we thought we would slow down a bit it does not seem to be in our stars. I think we should be stock in dog food in my opinion.  So more stories, dog names and hopefully more lambs to come!!

someone is not enthused about her chips being eaten

meeting the new puppies

round 2 with the chips

fun giggles

Haverton Twins

the new babies

just taking a break
puppy march...lead by Avery (joe said socialize right??)

dinner time
Missy Adiego