Last Day Of Summer

So today was officially our last day of summer before Avery starts preschool tomorrow.  We spent the day starting off  with grandma lori and a visit to Snowbunny Yogurt and a visit with papa carl.  We then spent the day at home enjoying the puppies and ponies, with a bit of trampoline and playhouse also.  The girls were filled with smiles and giggles, with a few fits thrown in as usual to complete the day.  Hadley is finishing up her summer still working on potty training.  Today was our first afternoon around the farm diaper less and she had no accidents.  So proud of both my little ones.  Days like today make me realize how special my girls are and how much it means to enjoy each minute with them and appreciate it!!  On the farm front the puppies are super friendly and I finally named them.  (4 boys and 1 girl) Marley, Max, Mo, Santa Claus and Martha for the little lady.  Yes, Santa Claus a bit random but Avery insisted!!  Now we defiantly have to color coordinate those collars to know who is who!!  The new feeders look great and the guys have been working hard on them, can't wait to see them in the fields.  So more projects and the first day of school to come!

Missy Adiego