Husband Honey Do List !!

So shockingly Joe has been on a project kick.  The house project kick, so I am one happy wife.  Hold your kitchen knobs finally got put on the drawers (yes they literally sat on my counter for two months)  but now complete and checked off the list.  Joe even hung a few things around the house that have been lingering right below where they were supposed to be hung.  I wonder if he really thought that a mirror was ground height maybe he thought a shoe mirror? ....well that is also checked off the list.  We also decided to build the girls a new swing set....well Joe build I help design.   So long story short Joe and Avery started the project while I was away a night, and I came home to a swing set larger than my house (which is tiny .....but the swing set was mansion like)  So with a few revisions and a weekend of work and paint, it is almost complete.  I have to finish me end of painting the thing.  That darn playhouse is quite tedious.   The girls love it and it has already gotten tons of use unfinished.  We also broke down and got a trampoline.  I know what you are thinking... not much curb appeal, but I can zip the girls in there and it provides hours of entertainment. That alone is worth the eye sore in the yard...for that matter I probably would have put it in the front yard earlier if I knew how many hours of entertainment it provided :)  Joe is going to make it ground level...which I haulted due to Averys Birthday party.  With his track record we would have had a half in ground trampoline, but at least the swing set is complete by the party deadline.   On the farm end we are still milking and the projects are still continuing.  The new shearing barn area is almost complete and ready to be painted.  It is pretty impressive ( I will have to post a video once it is used).  The ponies (Kingsley and Fritz) are now the best of friends and have been moved to the pony much fun to wake up and take them apples in our pajamas!!  So a busy week of party preparation ahead...can't believe Avery is going to be 4!!  More painting, projects and a birthday party to come and thanks to the best hubby ever for providing me a week free of having to nag!!

I had to glamify this but I love it now

Avery is proud of all the handles

finally finished

the new rug

this is finally hung

revising the first version

priming time

all primed

almost finished

Shearing Barn

Interior Shearing Barn

Missy Adiego