Birthday Party Fun!!!!

Well today was the day to celebrate Averys 4th birthday...yes 4 already..well almost actual birthday is the 19th.  So tons of prep....lots of time planning, cleaning, painting and much much more the party was a huge success.  That being judged on the kids smiles!!  The kids had a blast bouncing on the trampoline and playing on the new playset.  Avery enjoyed every minute of the party and playing with her friends.  So cute to see all the kids play I sure wish I was that little again, looks like so much fun.  Huge thanks to family and friends for setup and cleanup help, and Danielle Caselli for the awesome poms and pinata!! So glad we did a party even with all the stress, Avery sure had fun...oh...and I will for sure document this so she knows what and awesome party her parents threw her :) Joe, well he is exhausted (even though my window didn't get trimmed)  but maybe by Hadleys birthday.  So more little girl giggles, barbies, pink and projects to come!!

Missy Adiego