Small Town = Happiness

So Joe and I always go back and forth small town or not is it a good thing or not?  Joe grew up in Petaluma, which in my standards is huge (city like compared to the town I grew up in) I grew up in a small town in NY where everyone knows everything and who you are and who your family is and what you are doing before you do it.  (those were pre facebook you just need facebook) Growing up being the kid in that situation sometimes I didn't love the small town atmosphere, but along the way I met great people and made great friends. One who was my very first friend and we are still friends today, now have kids the same age (the older ones both names Avery...and we didn't even know go figure) so having that type of friendship that has lasted this long just makes me want that for the girls.  Joe and I have sent Avery to preschool in the small town of Tomales.  The minute I entered the preschool I loved it and Averys first year was great. I have met great moms who share the same things as I do. (we can go makeup less and wear hooded sweatshirts to drop the kids off)  I have been forming great new friendships and watching the kids form the same, all I can think is how great is a small town.  The warmth, giggles and closeness makes you just smile.  I love how I can take Avery to a park for a playdate and she can run barefoot with the other kids and get her feet dirty and it is perfectly normal.  Watching her and Hadley form friendships and giggle about silly things.  I feel lucky, lucky to have such great happy kids who love their life and the people in it.  Days like today full of giggles and smiles make me realize that I have made the right decisions. I hope they find the friendships that I have found and form life long friendships!!  More cute kids and giggles to come!!

a sketch of my childhood home

The two Averys

Hadley, Avery E, Avery A, Charleigh

Exploring in the park summer fun!!

Summer giggles, watching the THS cheerleaders

Missy Adiego