So now that the office is up and finally finished, it's official that I now have to really work. Thursdays are going to be my designated work days while the girls have a grandma day.  So I started yesterday while the girls enjoyed the day with Grandma Jolene, Auntie Donna, Auntie Marie, Jennifer and her girls.  They spent the day at six flags riding rides, running through water....and even an elephant ride.  I have to admit I was a bit jealous since I love rides.  I got a ton done and finally everything is organized and even had a chance to mow, clean the barn office and barn bathroom.  YES....the barn bathroom is my job (lets just say thankful I have girls so much cleaner than the guys)  I don't think Joe will like my designated barn days since I seem to come up with a list mile long of to dos :)  It always amazing how much I can get done in one day minus kids....boy my life must have been so easy before kids (I don't seem to remember how easy it was though...that must come with age, not remembering) The girls have been just a joy to be around lately....really bonding with each other.  I woke up the other morning, and I hear them playing  "Avery saying Stop....GO....Stop...GO"  Then I realize that Hadley is jumping up and down in her crib and listening to Avery stay stop and Go and jumping accordinaly.. just adorable.  They have been filling my days with smiles......and lots and lots of  laughs.  So some projects, parties, and more giggles to come!!

Not a bad view from the office

my office company

picnic lunch

the barn flower boxes filling in

best friends

daytime fun

fast times

Ellie hitching a ride back to the house
All spiffed up in his new fly sheet

all clean after Avery groomed him

our daily visitor
Missy Adiego