Old Chatham.....Dream farm visit

So seeing that Joe and I were in NY visiting family, I told him months ago I wanted to go visit Old Chatham Sheepherding Company. For all of you that are not familiar it is the largest sheep dairy in the US, with and amazing farm, herd, and award winning cheese and just judging by the website I knew I had to go see it in person. http://www.blacksheepcheese.com/  So Joe set up a visit and we made the 4 hour drive each way down to Old Chatham NY.  Thanks to Papa Ron and Grandma Stephanie for having a slumber party with the girls.  I have to admit they looked a bit tired when we got home...grandma and grandpa that is :)  So the drive to Old Chatham was great, the farms were amazing.  So I explained to Joe on our trip down the difference between east coast and west coast farms.  He has never been to an east coast farm and as blogged before I had never seen a west coast farm.  (so in my head it was the east coast version...golf carts, rocked roads, planters with flowers...you get the picture) So halfway through our drive Joe starts saying wow these farms are amazing...so manicured.  I swear I didn't see one un manicured farm.  So long story short we pull up to Old Chatham Dairy and WOW...that is all we both said absolutely beautiful.  Just what I pictured (OK maybe that is a bit extreme but along those lines, great first impression so manicured, clean, super nice people.  We had the honor of getting the farm tour for the herd manager Travis Burrows (huge thank you to him)  we spent a few hours at the farm filling ourselves with information and seeing how their operation works. Joe and I left with get tips and some new ideas for lamb management and a huge list of honey do projects.  So amazing farm, great tour, awesome tips and one big to do list for our farm. Huge thank you to Old Chatham Sheepherding Company for the time given for our visit.  More projects, painting, planting and one huge to do list to come !!

Missy Adiego