New projects and a new pony

So today was finally the day we were able to pick up Hadleys new pony.  Joe, Avery and I went and picked him up....the whole time Avery explaining to us how excited Hadley will be to see her new pony.  So I guess that is that...Avery has Kingsley and Hadley has her new pony Fritz.  I usually change names but I figured it suits Hadley well, seeing as she is a bit of a wild one.  So Fritz settled in nicely not even a winnie.  Kingsley on the other hand seem to think it was playtime and got a bit worked up..he hasn't seen a horse in three years so I can imagine his excitement.  So all settled in and once adjusted the girls can start riding. So more to come on that.  Projects continued around the farm, that Old Chatham visit sure motivated Joe.  I guess I have to take him there yearly.  Or even better find that type of house motivation and maybe my window trim will get done.  The loading shoot for the sheep is finished and the guys got that all painted.  Amazing what paint does...such a great thing.  All the new custom feeder panels are now pretty much installed.  The concrete barn is now level and the start of panel installation is well on the way.  The loft barn is now being turned into the shearing /working barn.  It is being retro fitted to easily accommodate sheep in a holding area and it will have a whole area just for shearing and veterinary work.  It is starting to look great.  So more painting this week, more work on our projects, and maybe a bit of window trim...a girl has to be hopeful right?  Oh and two little ladies and their ponies !!

Missy Adiego