Home Sweet Home

Joe and I are back in NY (upstate) that is visiting my family.  For all of you that don't know I grew up in New York.  So Joe and I braved the trip back home.  When I say braved I mean braved.  I have been dreading our flight for a month now.  Joe not so stressed...but why would he I seem to take care of everything although he did pack his clothes :)  So plane flight here was a success on the red eye... the girls slept the whole way (amazing)  well the connecting (55 min) last leg of the trip, well that is a different story.  Avery was a gem but Hadley being 1 1/2 and toddling around didn't seem to love the idea of being stuck in the seat any longer.  So screaming, fits, tears....and more tears.  That 55 minutes seemed like the 5 hour flight.  I was ready to jump off the plane, by myself.  I think by the end I was as frustrated as Hadley and ready to scream, throw a fit, and cry all in one how about that.  Lucky for us we had very family friendly people who have all been there, so I seemed to be the only one that was ready to jump (which is amazing since I thought that plane flight was life ending)  I still am not sure how I am going to make it home...this paragraph is stressing me out.  On to other things we have been having a great time enjoying family, and seeing family members I haven't seen  in years. We got together to celebrate dad and Stephanie getting married, so lots of family members were able to make it back for that. Amazing how you get together after years pass and life changes and still have the same laughs as you used to.  The girls have been having a blast at papa Ron and grandma Stephanies house.  Swimming, playing, games  and lots of missed grandma and papa time.  We got to go visit Mamie (which is my grandma on my moms side) even her house was prepped with toddler height snacks all around.  To say the least the kids have it made this week.  We have been even fitting in projects this week (Joe that is) we are putting in a half bath in our house back here that is rented.  So the weather has been on his side 98 degrees and I think humidity of 105 or something like that.  I actually felt bad for him while we were playing at strong museum of play in the air conditioned building.  So more visiting, little giggles, dads daily Wegmans doughnut run, and a half bath to come thanks to Joe!! Stay tuned. Oh can I just add I have grocery store envy...Wegmans would actually make me want to grocery shop lets hope they make it to the west coast !!

Missy Adiego