Friends, Fireworks,Projects and the ER

So the holiday weekend was filled with fun events, family and friends. Joe and I officially had a date night out thanks to the Kaisers for hosting a awesome annual 3rd of July party.  To say the least the night was filled with endless laughs, dancing, and a great display of fireworks in Windsor.  It was so fun to get dressed up and feel girly and enjoy the night kid free with the hubby.  Although we can't hang like we used to...we were home in bed by 11:30.  The 4th of July ended up being not so fun and back to reality.  Poor little Hadley wasn't feeling well, thanks to swimming and sprinkler fun and a little to much pool water intake.  Amazing how you go from a great all dolled up night to the next day looking a hot mess and smelling like vomit.  All part of the mom years!!  Luckily it didn't last long and she was back at it the next day.  Joe and Avery enjoyed a family BBQ hosted by auntie Marie and his side of the family so judging from all the goodies that auntie sent home and those... oh so yummy leftovers it was a good time.  (and lucky for me I got out of cooking dinner a few bonus)  On the farm things are staying busy and we found ourselves a new...well new to us farm truck to haul lambs and feed in.  Joe and I made the trek to see it and pick it up and I was pleasantly surprised at the condition I was a bit scared about what it would be like.(now I just have to get the logo on it) The barn office finally is wired with phone, internet and TV.  Yes TV.....I do  paperwork and payroll with two toddlers around so hopefully they can have some quiet movie time sometimes.(I have to be hopeful right) The sheep are doing great and loving being out on pasture.  Although my nights have been a bit rough with Zeus so close to the house...he does even bark at birds to protect his flock.  Joe...well he is sleeping like a baby since he can sleep through anything.  I always warn him if something happens he is on his own I am grabbing the kids and going....I will not be sticking around to wake him up. I myself ended up in the ER this week after a stabbing...yes a stabbing of myself.  I couldn't wait to open Hadleys toy and borrowed Joes pocket knife in the parking lot to open the zip ties off the package and obviously was cutting towards myself and stabbed myself in the leg about an inch deep.  I can only imagine how sterile that knife ER trip and some stitches and a super sore leg, I now use scissors.  You can only imagine how embarrassing it was to tell the ER doctor I stabbed myself with a pocket knife.  What girl uses a pocket knife?  Yes country...border line white trash country  (I felt like I might have well be sitting there in a wife beater and some cigarettes in my pocket) One the way out I told Joe I ruined my nice expensive jeans...his reply they are worn, isn't that in?  Well not knife/stabbing slit in but he seemed to think they were just fine. So more milking, projects (with scissors)and painting to come....and hopefully some kitchen knobs that mind you are still on the counter!!!

The Girls

Date Night
Great times with the best friends

The boys

My bestie

Avery and Layla

The cuzzys

early birthday gift for Joe and I...thanks mom

getting ready to go after a good scrub

The new/old ranch truck

Watching all the big tractors pull in for tomorrow

just cruising around the lamb barn

yes it is popsicle season = messy shirts

watch out daddy the battery is all charged up

Missy Adiego