Be Free

So its been a busy week with lots of new things happening.  Avery graduated her first swim class and now gets to go on to the next level. ( I wonder if there are bumper stickers that say my child graduated to 1-B) She has come a long way considering she wouldn't leave the side or go under water to start.  Well now she does both and even went under to the bottom to get the rings, so amazing progress on her part ( although she got the ring the first time and I didn't see her go under, so I ask"how did you get the ring"?  she sweetly replied "I used my foot mommy" so glad she is so innovative at such a young age).  Hadley, well she still thinks, acts, and screams bigger than she is.  She is working on peddling the tricycle and jumping off both feet. (super funny to watch) She is now also learning to escape her crib....she hasn't yet but Joe and I both have caught her teetering on the rail.  So just a matter of time.  The sheep are adjusting well and the California weather is back to normal.  We just put them out on the big hills from the little pasture...and let me just tell you being free is the way to go.  We defiantly have had happy healthy sheep.  They are loving roaming the hills and I just love watching them out the window.  (Joe seems to think I am turning hippie...little does he no I can't pull off a bohemian dress, and a mother earth braid really isn't my thing) So getting the sheep in at night is a bit tough.  Joe and Turner (his big herding dog) were out there for a half hour....and Joe, well he ending up herding by foot.  So much for his big herding dog.  Quite funny to least I was amused.  The chicken coop is now fixed and my plants, well they are still intact and uneaten. (lucky for the chickens I didn't have to use a pellet gun or some other country contraption that people use out this way)   Thanks to the hubby who finally...yes finally fixed that for me without asking.  Lets hope we are on a happy wife path and I will only have to ask things once?  So more sunshine....projects, family time and 4th of July to come!!

hen house

barn pics

say cheese

happy healthy sheep
gotta love a county least those were cute socks

all finished...time to grow

Missy Adiego