The start of curb appeal

So since school has ended...I think I liked the fact Avery went to school it curbed a few hours of life ending fights over toys , or who gets the pink yogurt?  I was joking with Joe the other night that 8 o'clock rolls around and I have to admit I am purely exhausted after a packed filled day of activities, projects, numerous kid meals, tantrums, tears...Joe came and asked whats for dinner?  I think the blood boiled to my head honestly I could have beat him up....once I came back from husband beating land, I realized I did in fact forget to cook dinner.  (not the first time I forgot about Joe and I)  But again in my book boxed food is absolutely OK.  Avery started swim lessons this week and has been doing great.  The first day was pretty funny watching her try to kick...she wouldn't leave the edge of the pool or go under.  Well progress has been made and she is now floating and going under (quickly) but she goes all the way in.  I told my mom I have that same proud moment I did in the store when she used the big girl potty!!  Hadley....well as I say she is my little terror on legs ( not personality wise) craziness wise.  She is always wanting to do what Avery does and even now is putting on some of her clothes, and even used the little potty this week. Hard to believe she isn't even 1 1/2.   I have been in high gear party mode prepping for the bridal shower this weekend.  I have tons more to do and so little time. (thanks to Tina who volunteered to come help me all day Friday...and the grandmas for watching my kiddos) Wish me luck!  The barn is looking great thanks to my father in law who (obviously knows how to get down to business before a party) he built me redwood planter boxes for the barn area.  If Joe could just learn a few things we would be all set.  He doesn't seem to think that there is a problem with 25 women walking by a scrap metal pile all dressed up?  Let me just chime in there is!!!  Anyhow the planters are now planted and looks amazing.  The lattice is now up on the office, half painted but its up.  Tomorrow and Friday are project days to get this place and the barn looking spiffy. So lots to do more projects to come....and next week new additions to Haverton Hill!! Stay tuned!!

Missy Adiego