House Progress

So the girls were sick yet again, seems like they can't catch a break this year.  Avery was the worst with a fever and stomach flu.  Lucky for me it didn't last long only about half a day.  She is up and feeling better, Hadley is back to her normal crazy self and the sun is finally shining.  I seemed to forget what sun was and what it looked like.  So while I had a full day of quietness and kids resting I had plenty of time to get the house back in order and finished up. I kept busy re arranging, spray painting and going through old stuff.  I finally got my new dresser after a month of waiting.  I say my new dresser, but actually gave it to Joe since I took the whole closet.  I am sleeping much better not hearing him fight with packed full dresser drawers each morning and cursing because I shove all his stuff in each drawer.  The dresser is amazing and I love it.  The bedroom is coming along and I got my little picture wall done also. I go to bed every night loving our new grown up bedroom! I had a chance to re organize the girls room since they got the hand me down dresser.  I am loving the house now, it feels so cozy and comfy just the way I pictured.  Helps who I live with too.  Love my little family.  Avery finishes up preschool tomorrow and is done for the summer, hard to believe she is turning 4 in August.  I also signed her up for swim lessons in sebastopol which let me tell you looks like a super fun place to take swim lessons.  I can't wait to see her little face she is so excited.  Lets just hope I can keep Hadley from dive bombing in the pool and crashing swim lessons :)  Joe has been super busy with projects around the farm.  The barn office now has power thanks to Joe and his dad.  We are planning on doing house projects this weekend in preparation of the bridal shower dinner here in a few weeks.  Yikes lots to do before then.  So more projects, painting, and maybe a little garden to come!!

Hads helping Joe put together the dresser

almost done

the once again painted wicker chair...finally found a home on the front porch

new coffee table decor

have to love high gloss white paint....hope joe doesn't mind I used his horn

girls bedroom

newly arranged girls room

our new  kid picture wall

All finished and love it!!

The barn office now has power

Missy Adiego