Haverton & House Projects

So its been a busy weekend of work and fun filled projects.  I have to admit I am looking forward to being almost done (house wise that is)  The house projects are almost finished with completion of the barn and pony pen.  The garden is fully planted and just waiting for some sprouts.  The chicken coop got a new name (Hen House and all the chicks are now in their new home.  I planted a new snapdragon garden....just for the dogs to tromp through.  Uggh I swear I am out their fluffing them daily.  I finally tackled the tack room, and it looks great so nice to get all the tack out of bins.  I told Joe...well this is nice and all but its not like I can hop on a small pony, unless I Fred Flinstone it with my feet on the ground.  So hopefully in the months to come we can get our addition and I will have a horse to ride. So long story short some projects completed some not...like those two lingering kitchen knobs that my husband walks by nightly for the last month, and my untrimmed bathroom window.  So knowing Joe that will get done hours before the shower....it better get done anyway, or all those nice cleaned out outbuildings will be calling his name.  Joe, Tony, and the guys have been busy working away at the barn projects.  They are working on the new loading ramp for sheep.  Starting to really shape up out there...minus the curb appeal, which I am still at a loss for but working on.  So more projects, and a crazy week ahead!! Oh and hopefully a trimmed bathroom window and two drawer knobs ;)

Missy Adiego