Haverton Hill ....new additions

So the projects got finished in time for all our new additions to arrive.  We have been working away and anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new sheep.  Monday night at 10:30 pm the semi pulled in the driveway all the way from Wisconsin.  The sheep were eager to get off the truck after their long ride.  Unfortunately the California sunshine seemed not to show up and the poor sheep had to spend their first day in (usually sunny California in the rain)  All the sheep arrived safe and sound and we are truly excited to grow our flock.  Special thanks to Yves Berger and the University Of Wisconsin Spooner from whom we purchased a flock of ewe lambs along with ram lambs, and for connecting us with Tom and Laurel Kiefer owners of Dream Valley farm, and John Mayer from whom we each got a group of ewe  and ram lambs from. We are excited to add new genetics to our existing flock, and are eager to get to know all our new additions.  So more feed, more work, and lots more new sheep to get to know. More to come!!

The loading/unloading ramp

Hadley found a favorite

Joe, Hadley and Ellie checking out all the sheep

Miss Zoey watching over the new sheep

Missy Adiego