Down to the Wire

So I am now down to the wire preparing for the bridal shower dinner here in a few weeks. It has been a super busy week with Avery finishing up her first year of proud of her.  She is growing up so fast.  We also have new baby chicks that the girls were able to watch hatch, quite neat, even though I am not a chicken fan. The house is pretty much set but there has been a few outside projects that needed to get done.  I have been hounding Joe since we moved in about the pony pen.  Well lack thereof.  So with some discussion I finally convinced him to re fence the area and fix the super ugly run down barn in the back of our house.   Well come to find out he also had other projects in mind.  The barn behind our house has two bays full of junk/garbage that have been there 20 years.  Well the guys have been working on cleaning that out which is quite the project. It is a super neat barn if we can bring it back to life.  So the garbage is in the process of being cleaned out, picket fence down getting ready for a new refurbished pony pen.  The projects continue.  Joe also wants to plant a little garden.  For all of you that know the back story we have always had a garden which is great, but Joes idea of a fence lets just say it lacks curb appeal.  Last year we didn't do a garden because he refused to build a decent fence for it.  Put it this way I hate chain link not my cup of tea....not that there is anything wrong with it, but its one of those things I hate.  I even hate the dog kennel we have.  Joe tells me the other day he is going to do a garden, and put up a little fence next to the house.  Hold up....I don't think so.  So after some arguing and laughing about his past garden fence we are doing a paddock that after garden season can be an animal fence.  It is by my house so no okie fence can go up.  If it were up to Joe he would have some wood chain link ugly fence, old rusted broken tin for the pony pen...aka what was here before.  So hopefully he will wow me I gave him full reins of my pony pen and animal feed room, so we shall see.  I have to admit his rustic barn office came out great so lets hope for the same, time will tell.

Front fence soon to be replaced

Old bay full of garbage
Fence before
Pony pen exterior ...great curb appeal right ?
Leftovers...soon to be a tack room

inside the old pony pen
Todays new baby

The new chicks

Avery all done with the first year of preschool
getting in trouble
Well no wonder, Hadley climbs up ladders she has assistance from Avery
Ellie strolling home after a long day 
Miss Hadley batters up
goodbye old tin

progress made, down with the picket
The old picket being sent to the front yard

Avery, Hadley and Layla..cuzzy Friday !!

Missy Adiego