Curb Appeal

Now that the house is finally almost finished, just a few more things to do.  Most of those are on the honey do list  (finish putting my two handles on my kitchen drawers, and trim my windows on the exterior)  Every day I walk by my two drawer pulls on my kitchen counter, right by Joes things, moving them to a different place...thinking....maybe Joe will notice these today and put them on for me?  Nope....I could probably ask him and he would say what knobs....we don't need knobs. So much for the little break of Joe not complaining.  Now that the house is somewhat finished I have been bugging Joe...literally bugging him about curb appeal for the barn.  My vision in my head is just not a reality out by the barn. A ton has been done and it looks good, but not great.  I need to somehow come up with some curb appeal ideas for the barn and parking area.  I feel like when you pull into a farm or ranch you should think "wow this is nice"  A place should always look kept and loved in my book.  Well Joes book is more Dr. Seuss....a million things everywhere and in his words..."potted plants we don't need potted plants and lattice"  Well I beg to differ.  So we shall see where this marital spat goes?  I have a feeling that things will change.  So if anyone has some fun curb appeal ideas for a barn and parking area send them my way.  I have a few things planned, but a long way to go.  I know Joe is hoping for sunshine and our normal California weather back, all this rain is just making me think of more ideas, and that honey do list get longer.  So hopefully some kitchen pulls, and some barn curb appeal to come!!!

Missy Adiego