Cobwebs, new fence and fruit trees

So Joe and I had a super busy weekend full of projects and our special date night attending a couples shower minus the kids.  We had a blast attending Sean and Stephanies Luau shower in Kentfield.  Sean and Kyle are both my cousins and we pretty much grew up together.  They were both in town with their significant others so it was a great time catching up, and our laughs are just like they were years ago.  So wonderful date night filled with laughs spent with family and Joe so much fun!!  On another note, huge progress was made on the pony pen.  The new fence is up and complete, high weeds are all gone (thanks to Tony) All the guys and myself spent the whole weekend working on the fence, cleanup and Joe framing out the new pen.  I have to say huge gratification already and its yet to be finished.  I can't wait to power wash and paint this week.  Oh and that little pony.....he is super spoiled, he will love his new setup.  Joe and I managed to squeeze in a marital spat also I swear every time we go to Lowes we argue on the same road every time, it has now become funny.  The argument is always about what needs to get done and what we need now and later. Well we usually have two different lists in our head.  I have to admit I am truly ready to get these big projects wrapped up I am pretty much exhausted. I defiantly have a different outlook on Joe working so hard after a weekend of hard work.  He just makes it all look so easy ;) So productive weekend and even the fruit trees got planted...oh and Hadley finally got in the kiddy pool,  back at it tomorrow and lots more to do in the next week.  Huge progress made, huge thanks to everyone working so hard, and all the babysitting help !! So more projects, paint and a garden to come!!

Sean and Stephanies shower

Hadley finally got in the pool

The new fences/pony shelter

the new fence in
Before feed/tack room

After a foot of manure and garbage and minus a wall
feed/tack room after...there was concrete floors :)
helping plant the trees
daddy teaching the girls how to water

not so fun when sissy sprays her
Fruit trees planted
one last lap with daddy before bedtime
Nothing like chasing chickens in pajamas before bed
Missy Adiego