Bridal Shower

So I did it...the bridal shower for my best friend went off without a hitch and everything went wonderful the food was delicious, the company was great and I have to admit that hosting a party is a bit more work than I thought.  Thanks to the bridal party (and Julya for all the help the day of) and Tina and my mom especially for all the preparation work, and ironing all my linens and napkins. All those projects ahead of time paid off and the house looked great and the barn office finally got finished with flowers and all.  The shower decor turned out just like the picture in my head.....minus the snapdragon garden the chickens managed to eat and the yet to be finished bathroom window exterior trim.So cheers to the bride to be/my best friend who I love dearly.  Now time for me to rest and enjoy a bit of summer!!  More to come...

mom and layla helping set up

just some more painting

and more painting

barn office all finished

Miss Tina...sweeping..yes cleaning!!!

Ellie all tuckered out 

present section

all set to go...time to enjoy

table settings

some sangria to sip

favor and recipe card table

The Bridal Party with Kristin the bride to be!!!

Missy Adiego