Bedroom Take 2

So when Joe and I signed the lease on the ranch in October...a mad dash was made to get the house remodeled and livable.  I blogged about the shape it was in which was not good. So with a ton of help we whipped through it and did as much work as we could as fast as we could. So once we moved in, my living room  and bedroom just wasn't clicking with me.  Yes me....Joe would have lived in the smoke filled walls probably.  I am usually pretty good at paint colors but unfortunately I think I missed on the overall color.  It ended up being more yellowy than desired.  So back to the bedroom.  I decided to mix my leftover paint (yes add paint mixer to my list)  Got a color I loved so went with it....aww let me just tell you that oh so Yellowy color is the problem.  Our bedroom is small along with our house so designing and furniture is quite tough.  Our bedroom is probably 11x12 so tiny. Joe and I finally got our first real big bed.  Seriously we laughed going to bed last night...we are actually grown ups now.  I felt like we graduated from the twin bed.  So going on 6 years of marriage its our little present....that and no more sore backs :)  I am still waiting on my dresser which comes next week, and final touches like artwork etc....that will come.  I really wanted  a grown up bedroom when you walked in you just wanted to jump in bed and lay down, a  cozy place to relax...yes even with two toddlers. So mission almost accomplished, very happy with the results so far.  So more finishing touches, and a grown up bedroom to come!!

bedroom before

Bedroom Before

After paint
Joe admiring the new bed

Mom making me iron by curtains for my grown up room

Bedroom after

Bedroom after...thinking I need a big girl light

Missy Adiego